Spa Days

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Spa days have become a mandatory and memorable experience for those who wish to spend a day with friends or family in an idyllic setting enjoying massages, relaxing poolside, reading and their favorite meals by a private chef. A special and proven premium experience at competitive prices where the quality of service is guaranteed. Max 6 people. It is a totally personalized service in massage, music, food and drinks. Create your wish list and I will make it come alive. My specialty is pampering you and I can guide you in all the possibilities and also create new and different original content together for this experience based on your tastes or the tastes of someone you want to surprise. Just 5 minutes from Frigiliana in a spectacular villa with views of the mountains and the sea.

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Magical Queimada Experience

A luxurious, relaxing villa Spa Day by private pool in the beautiful Frigiliana countryside plus, a Magical Night of music, delicious Galician Gastronomy & spectacular Queimada Fire Show

If you & your friends book only one activity this holiday, make it this.
A magical, unique & exclusive day/night celebration you will all remember for the rest of your lives

Day Time Pampering鈥

Night Time Magic鈥.

After a delicious traditional Galician dinner and a typical wine enjoyed in the garden contemplating the views from the pool illuminated with colored lights, torches and music, the centennial tradition of the Queimada and the ritual spectacle of the Conxuro by the Quimador will begin.

After a delicious traditional Galician dinner & flowing wine enjoyed in the garden overlooking the pool with coloured lights, twinkling with torches, fragrant flowers filling the air鈥he centuries鈥 old Queimada tradition and the ritual show of the Conxuro & Fire will begin.

The night sky is clear. The stars bright. Moon shining. Traditional Galician music plays. Anticipation can be felt in the air as you all gather around. Your senses awakened, intrigued. Now is the time for the Queimada.

The traditionally costumed Magician or Queimador takes centre stage, reciting the Conxuro & making the bright blue flames of the Queimada rise, grow and dance in the large clay pot; creating a fountain effect of mesmerising blue & amber burning liquid, as the powerful & mystical Galician incantation is read out.

As the night time ritual plays out, bad energies will be banished, good energies welcomed. The perfect finale to your relaxing spa day. You will leave, energised, amazed, and carrying the magic of the Queimada experience with you forever.



La Fascia

Fascia is the fibrous semi-flexible membrane of connective tissue that unites the distinct components of the human body. Within the fascia, small bags are formed that contain the organs of the human body. Mio means muscle. The Miofascia covers, serves as a support, and separates the muscles of the body. Each muscle fibre is wrapped within Mio-fascia, and furthermore, each muscle is also wrapped in Miofascia. The Miofascial tissue has a dynamic behaviour: under tension it augments its density and relative rigidity, giving the muscle greater structural support. As a result of the augmentation of the density generated by the increase of tension, the body becomes more rigid and less flexible, which in turn produces restriction of movement. Generally, these are the result of misalignments and mechanical-postural or functional imbalances, many of which have emotional roots. Deep Miofascial massage addresses the treatment of chronic pain, and also the treatment of lesser pain caused by this lack of flexibility and movement.

La Fascia

La fascia es la membrana fibrosa semiflexible de tejido conectivo que une las distintas componentes del cuerpo humano. Dentro de la fascia se forman bolsillos que contienen los 贸rganos del cuerpo. Mio significa m煤sculo. La miofascia cubre, sirve de soporte y separa los m煤sculos del cuerpo. Cada fibra muscular est谩 envuelta en miofascia y a su vez cada m煤sculo tambi茅n est谩 envuelto en miofascia.

El tejido miofascial tiene un comportamiento din谩mico: bajo tensi贸n aumenta su densidad y rigidez relativa, d谩ndole al m煤sculo un mayor soporte estructural. Como resultado de este aumento de densidad que se genera al incrementar la tensi贸n bajo la que se encuentra una estructura corporal se puede generar rigidez y falta de flexibilidad que a su vez producen incapacidad de movimiento. Generalmente estas son el resultado de desalineaciones o desequilibrios mec谩nico-posturales y funcionales, muchas de ellas con ra铆ces emocionales. El Masaje del Tejido Profundo tiene como foco principal el tratamiento tanto del dolor cr贸nico como el agudo causado por esta falta de flexibilidad e incapacidad de movimiento.