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I received a 90-minute massage for general health, personal development, and to treat stiffness in an ankle and heel after a motorcycle accident and surgery. Very impressed. Completely professional, friendly, highly qualified and with a strong intuitive sensitivity to know where there is healthy functioning and where there are blockages or problems in the body. Lidia has studied the methods in depth and has acquired a lot of knowledge and some advanced techniques. She started with a talk to find out more about my history and current problems, tensions and pains, and how she could help me, and then she gave me a high quality, therapeutic and enjoyable treatment. She is a great advocate for the benefits of these therapies and spreads the message well. Highly recommended.
Pete Garrad
Lidia is a professional from head to toe. Her therapies are otherworldly... you reach relaxation and connection from the first moment you meet her. Her spa space is special and Lidia makes you feel completely at home.100% recommended if you are looking for deep relaxation. Thank you so much...for offering this amazing experience with us and enabling us to enjoy it.
Rafa Sanchez Ferragut
Lidia's massage is very special. It is not only her skillful hands that set her apart, but the respect and human warmth that she exudes. It is a journey to your inner world, an adventure to rediscover what you have inside and relieve yourself of your burdens and pains, both physically and emotionally. More than recommended, it is essential.
Juan Carlos García
Beautiful location but most importantly, best massage ever! I had so much tension, aches and pains and Lidia did a fantastic job. I only wish I lived in Spain so I could go back! Opted for half day spa with a beautiful steak lunch, such a nice treat and Lidia was a fantastic host. Highly recommend - honestly the best massage I’ve ever had.
Steff Kerr
The massage was amazing. I am a personal trainer used to massage and on a purely physical level it was outstanding. I feel much better. Lidia is professional, hands are magical, and she also exudes calmness and care. You will feel not only relief from any pain but also feel balanced emotionally after the massage. I will come back for sure!! Totally recommended!!
Manuel Ramos
I went to Lidia, with my shoulders out of line and neck twisted. All sorts of knots and pain in upper back. After just one session I strolled out feeling great and pain free. Can’t recommend her enough and I will be back on a regular basis to make sure I stay this way. Thank you, Lidia.
Paul Baley
Absolutely wonderful massage. We were staying in a villa just outside of Frigiliana. Lidia is so warm and friendly and she has great English and asked questions and really put me at ease. I was under so much stress and tension and she could tell; and she released all the knots in my shoulders. A full hour from head to toe of intense and relaxing massage. I would travel miles to visit her again. Thank you so much.
Claire Morrow
I had a 90-minute California and Swedish massage combo. A wonderful experience. I highly recommend it. I made my next appointment with Lidia as I was leaving. I'm already looking forward to it.
Jon Keo
Walking Tours
Lidia spent some time with me before the massage to see what I needed. She really listens and also feels what the body needs. She was very attuned to where I was when I arrived for the massage and was able to respond to what my body was "saying." Your space is very accessible and easy to get to with the instructions you gave. I am definitely booking another massage and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking holistic care.
Kate Mcgill

La Fascia

Fascia is the fibrous semi-flexible membrane of connective tissue that unites the distinct components of the human body. Within the fascia, small bags are formed that contain the organs of the human body. Mio means muscle. The Miofascia covers, serves as a support, and separates the muscles of the body. Each muscle fibre is wrapped within Mio-fascia, and furthermore, each muscle is also wrapped in Miofascia. The Miofascial tissue has a dynamic behaviour: under tension it augments its density and relative rigidity, giving the muscle greater structural support. As a result of the augmentation of the density generated by the increase of tension, the body becomes more rigid and less flexible, which in turn produces restriction of movement. Generally, these are the result of misalignments and mechanical-postural or functional imbalances, many of which have emotional roots. Deep Miofascial massage addresses the treatment of chronic pain, and also the treatment of lesser pain caused by this lack of flexibility and movement.

La Fascia

La fascia es la membrana fibrosa semiflexible de tejido conectivo que une las distintas componentes del cuerpo humano. Dentro de la fascia se forman bolsillos que contienen los órganos del cuerpo. Mio significa músculo. La miofascia cubre, sirve de soporte y separa los músculos del cuerpo. Cada fibra muscular está envuelta en miofascia y a su vez cada músculo también está envuelto en miofascia.

El tejido miofascial tiene un comportamiento dinámico: bajo tensión aumenta su densidad y rigidez relativa, dándole al músculo un mayor soporte estructural. Como resultado de este aumento de densidad que se genera al incrementar la tensión bajo la que se encuentra una estructura corporal se puede generar rigidez y falta de flexibilidad que a su vez producen incapacidad de movimiento. Generalmente estas son el resultado de desalineaciones o desequilibrios mecánico-posturales y funcionales, muchas de ellas con raíces emocionales. El Masaje del Tejido Profundo tiene como foco principal el tratamiento tanto del dolor crónico como el agudo causado por esta falta de flexibilidad e incapacidad de movimiento.