In Home Clinic – The Perfect combo

Super Saturdays - Time to Heal.
Private, customized luxurious massage & one-to-one talk therapy package in the privacy of your own home or hotel.

Some of my clients, whose time is precious, have already been enjoying my new In-Home Clinic Concierge Service, now available on Saturdays.

An exclusive, customized treatment package in the convenience and privacy of your own home or holiday accommodation.

A powerful combination of luxury full body massage to ease your aches, pains and tension and help you reset, recharge and relax…

…plus, a therapeutic one-to-one talk, where I use my experience as Transpersonal Therapy Specialist to unravel any unresolved issues that are contributing to underlying tension and together, we develop coping strategies to help you move forward.

The perfect combo of body work and talking therapy, working in parallel to treat the body and nurture the busy, whirring, worrying mind.

Whether you live and work here, or are on holiday, let me come to you and help you destress and improve your overall health & wellbeing, all in the comfort of your own home. I will bring my massage table and everything which is necessary for the sessions.

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In Home Clinic

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La Fascia

Fascia is the fibrous semi-flexible membrane of connective tissue that unites the distinct components of the human body. Within the fascia, small bags are formed that contain the organs of the human body. Mio means muscle. The Miofascia covers, serves as a support, and separates the muscles of the body. Each muscle fibre is wrapped within Mio-fascia, and furthermore, each muscle is also wrapped in Miofascia. The Miofascial tissue has a dynamic behaviour: under tension it augments its density and relative rigidity, giving the muscle greater structural support. As a result of the augmentation of the density generated by the increase of tension, the body becomes more rigid and less flexible, which in turn produces restriction of movement. Generally, these are the result of misalignments and mechanical-postural or functional imbalances, many of which have emotional roots. Deep Miofascial massage addresses the treatment of chronic pain, and also the treatment of lesser pain caused by this lack of flexibility and movement.

La Fascia

La fascia es la membrana fibrosa semiflexible de tejido conectivo que une las distintas componentes del cuerpo humano. Dentro de la fascia se forman bolsillos que contienen los órganos del cuerpo. Mio significa músculo. La miofascia cubre, sirve de soporte y separa los músculos del cuerpo. Cada fibra muscular está envuelta en miofascia y a su vez cada músculo también está envuelto en miofascia.

El tejido miofascial tiene un comportamiento dinámico: bajo tensión aumenta su densidad y rigidez relativa, dándole al músculo un mayor soporte estructural. Como resultado de este aumento de densidad que se genera al incrementar la tensión bajo la que se encuentra una estructura corporal se puede generar rigidez y falta de flexibilidad que a su vez producen incapacidad de movimiento. Generalmente estas son el resultado de desalineaciones o desequilibrios mecánico-posturales y funcionales, muchas de ellas con raíces emocionales. El Masaje del Tejido Profundo tiene como foco principal el tratamiento tanto del dolor crónico como el agudo causado por esta falta de flexibilidad e incapacidad de movimiento.